Waiting for the Tow Truck? Here’s What to Expect

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Preparing for a Tow Truck to arrive

Experiencing vehicle issues can unsettle any driver. Effectively managing such situations, especially when it involves roadside assistance and your tow truck, is vital for ensuring your safety and the quick resolution of your vehicle problem. 

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Safety and Communication Tips

When faced with a vehicle breakdown, the driver’s initial response plays a crucial role in ensuring personal safety and the efficiency of the towing process. If it’s safe and feasible, moving the vehicle off the main road is recommended to reduce traffic disruption. If moving the vehicle isn’t possible, turning on hazard lights warns other road users and helps the tow truck operator find your location.

Promptly contacting a reliable towing service is essential. Once on the phone with the dispatcher, providing detailed information about the vehicle’s location, the issue at hand, and any specific towing needs you can identify ensures that the towing service can send the appropriate resources and team.

While waiting for the tow truck, it’s generally safest to remain inside the vehicle, away from traffic. If exiting the vehicle is necessary, do so with caution and find a secure location to wait.

But keep in mind: each roadside incident is different. Consider your situation to determine the safest option for you and any passengers.

 What Happens When the Tow Truck Arrives

Upon arrival, the tow truck operator will assess the situation and prepare the vehicle for towing. The operator will explain the towing process and towing method, whether flatbed or wheel-lift, and how the vehicle will be secured. Don’t be afraid to ask your tow truck operator any questions you may have!

This time is also an opportunity for motorists to collect personal belongings from their vehicles and ensure they have all necessary documentation. 

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