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Semi-Truck Decking & Undecking Service

Professional Semi Truck Decking & Undecking Service

CRT offers reliable semi truck decking and semi undecking services in Dallas. Our semi truck undecking and semi decking experts can perform emergency roadside assistance at area rest areas, truck stops, and other locations.

If you’re a driveaway trucker who feels the cargo has shifted or become unsafe, we can deploy the wreckers, winches, rotators, and other assets to take corrective measures at the scene. We also schedule semi-truck decking and undecking projects for transportation companies that must load or offload rigs in Dallas.

If you need professional semi truck decking and semi undecking services in Dallas, CRT has the safety-certified technicians and equipment to do the job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To learn more about our 24/7 Decking & Undecking Service and to speak to a member of our team, call us at

Off-Loading & Loading Services

Our extensive fleet of mobile cranes, wreckers, forklifts, and hoisting equipment uniquely positions CTR Towing Service as the go-to resource for a wide range of offloading and loading services in Dallas. As a family-owned and operated company conveniently located near I-30 in Dallas, our wreckers and hoisting machinery can be efficiently deployed to provide on-site solutions.

  • Decking and Un-Decking
  • Mobile Loading Dock
  • Off-Loading Semis
  • Open Trailers
  • Enclosed Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Specialized Machinery
  • Cargo Transfers
  • Loading Ramps

As the leading tractor-trailer recovery services provider in Dallas, our team of safety-certified specialists is ready to respond to emergencies at all times. Dallas law enforcement and freight carriers that haul cargo on major Texas arteries repeatedly call CTR Towing Service when big rigs barrel into roadside ditches or roll over during unfortunate accidents.

Due to their size and weight, tractor-trailers pose unique challenges in recovery situations. Our Tractor Trailer Recovery Services are designed to efficiently address accidents, breakdowns, and other incidents.

If you need tractor-trailer recovery services in Dallas, CTR Towing Service has field-tested specialists on standby. A dispatcher is always available to take down your name, location, and details regarding the need for prompt tractor-trailer recovery services. The nearest technicians, vehicles, and recovery equipment will be immediately routed to your location.

Heavy Duty Towing Near Me - Heavy Towing Service

Selecting heavy-duty towing services near me is crucial for a prompt response. Conveniently located CTR Towing Service ensures that our expert team reaches you swiftly, minimizing downtime and promptly addressing heavy-duty situations.

With an extensive fleet of wreckers and heavy-duty towing service assets, no job is too big for CTR Towing Service. Our dedicated wrecker operators perform heavy-duty towing in Dallas for construction companies, agricultural operations, freight carriers, and independent truckers. When a commercial motor vehicle or large machinery needs to be transported, CTR Towing Service is the heavy-duty towing provider people trust.

When heavy-duty situations arise, trust CTR Towing Service to provide reliable heavy-duty towing nearby. Our prompt and professional approach ensures that your heavy-duty needs are met efficiently, making us your go-to partner for dependable heavy-towing services.

Get a Quick Tow Truck Now

There’s no need to pull an unevenly distributed load or endure lengthy delays to transfer cargo to another tractor-trailer. CTR Towing Service offers mobile cargo load shift corrections and on-site load swaps and transfers.

We urge our valued truck drivers to err on the side of caution and allow us to take proactive measures to ensure your safety and that of passenger vehicle motorists. If a load isn’t distributed correctly or your big rig breaks down, we have the assets and people to deliver prompt, cost-effective solutions.

In cargo emergencies, count on CTR Towing Service to prioritize speed and the secure retrieval of your valuable goods. Our commitment to efficiency and safety makes us the trusted choice for swift cargo recovery solutions.

Heavy Duty Towing Near Me - Heavy Towing Service

The forklift service and cargo recovery wing of CTR Towing Service was established to provide necessary solutions for business community members. Our forklift and cargo recovery services have emerged as vital resources when semi trucks are involved in roadside accidents, construction companies suffer setbacks, and large machinery needs to be offloaded.

Choosing CTR Towing Service for quick cargo recovery services means choosing a reliable and responsive partner. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing swift solutions that address cargo emergencies with precision and care. Trust us to expedite the cargo recovery, ensuring your goods are retrieved efficiently.
To best serve the needs of industry leaders who do business in Dallas, we have expanded our professional services to include the following.

  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Steel Coils
  • Cargo-Load Swaps
  • Loading Dog
  • Cargo Hauling
  • Cargo Storage
  • Paper Clamping

Heavy Duty Winching Services and Ditch Pull Outs

Truckers, construction company owners, and agricultural business operators must know they are never left in the lurch when a commercial truck or machinery skids down an embankment. CTR Towing Service performs heavy-duty winching and ditch pull-outs along interstates, highways, back roads, and rugged terrain.

No situation proves too challenging because we hire only certified technicians with high-level logistical skills. Heavy-duty vehicles encountering ditches or getting stuck require specialized winching and recovery techniques. CTR Towing Service understands the unique challenges of such situations and provides tailored solutions for efficient outcomes.

If you’ve suffered a setback and need to retrieve an asset from an off-road landscape, we have the people and equipment to provide heavy-duty winching services and ditch pullouts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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