Tesla Towing Over 7 Hours!

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Dallas Tesla Towing Company Comes to the Aid of Tesla Stranded Over 7 Hours Away!

CTR Incident Management is quickly becoming the go-to Tesla towing company in Dallas, TX! The Tesla towing team is always on the move, helping electric vehicle owners throughout the area. 

While the vast majority of calls coming in are from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, our team isn’t scared to hit the road for a longer distance job. This was evident when they took a 14 hour round trip journey to Petersburg, TX!

A Tesla owner had been in a minor accident in Petersburg, TX. While there was not much visible damage to the vehicle, it could not safely make the trip down to the Tesla in Dallas. After doing his research on the best Tesla towing companies, the customer gave CTR Incident Management a call.

With 24 hour operations, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you don’t go into the towing business unless you love it. The team at CTR genuinely cares about their customers and ensuring that everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

With that in mind, they told the driver that they would make the 330 mile journey to him to pick up his Tesla. The Tesla towing team hit the road and completed the journey with ease. Traffic meant that the normal 5.5 hour journey took 7 hours (one way!) but there were no complaints from our team!

By the time they got back into the Dallas area, the Tesla body shop was closed. They stored the Tesla at CTR Incident Management’s secure yard overnight and brought it to the shop first thing in the morning.

Fantastic work out there team!


Details of Dallas Tesla Towing Company Comes to the Aid of Tesla Stranded Over 7 Hours Away!

A Dallas Tesla towing company received a call from a client in Petersburg. The customer required the Tesla towing company to pick up their car and drive it back to Dallas. A Tesla towing team was dispatched to the customers location. 

The Tesla towing team brought their Century 12 Series LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity) carrier. Once the Tesla towing team arrived at the customer’s location, they were able to fully assess the situation. 

The electric car towing team made sure to follow Tesla protocol for each and every step of the towing process. Not all towing companies have the proper certification and training to safely tow a Tesla. CTR Incident Management does which is why so many electric car owners trust them with their vehicles.

Once the Tesla was secured to the flatbed, the team made the long journey back to Dallas, TX. Unfortunately, the Tesla dealership was closed by the time the team arrived so the towing team brought the car back to their secure yard for the night.

The following morning, the Tesla towing team brought the Tesla to the specified Tesla body shop where it would undergo repairs.