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Dallas Heavy Towing on the Highway 

Dallas Heavy Towing Company Assists With Semi Rollover Recovery

As your local Dallas heavy towing company, CTR Incident Towing likes to say, no job is too big for us—not even removing a loaded tractor-trailer rollover from a Texas highway. The incident unfolded on NB 35 and WB 30 in Dallas, TX. As the vehicle navigated a corner, its load shifted dramatically, causing the tractor-trailer to roll over on the highway. 

The driver called around looking for a Dallas heavy toiwng company and found CTR. We immediately dispatched two rotators, two heavy-duty trucks, a Landoll, a bobcat, a sweeper, and a light-duty flatbed. Four operators arrived, ready to tackle the Dallas heavy towing job ahead. The vehicle, weighing 30,000 lbs, demanded a precise and systematic approach.

The heavy towing process unfolded gradually. First, the four operators uprighted the tractor-trailer using a heavy-duty truck and a rotator. Then, both rotators removed the container from its chassis and securely loaded it onto the Landoll. 

After this, the team transported the tractor and chassis to their yard. The chassis was dropped off, and the tractor was taken to the customer’s yard.

Once the tractor was cleared from the scene, the operators utilized the Bobcat and sweeper attachment to meticulously clean up the spillage, ensuring the road was safe for traffic. Meanwhile, the container was transported back to our yard for storage. Despite minor damage from the rollover, the vehicle was non-operable and required towing.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of CTR and the Dallas Sheriff’s Office, the highway was cleared within 3 hours of our dispatch.

Breakdown of the Dallas Heavy Towing & Semi Rollover Recovery

A recent Dallas heavy towing operation at the intersection of NB 35 and WB 30 in Dallas, TX, showcased our operators’ expertise in every heavy towing challenge. This is expected as we have ample experience as a Dallas heavy towing company. With a quick deployment of specialized Dallas heavy towing company equipment, the team of four was ready for this complex Dallas heavy towing job. The primary objective was the precision uprighting of the overturned tractor-trailer. This demanded the combined strength of a heavy-duty truck and a rotator.

Each phase of this Dallas heavy towing operation on the highway was carefully carried out. The Dallas heavy towing company employed a Landoll, essential for safely transporting large vehicles. 

An important component of Dallas heavy towing services extends beyond recovery – ensuring the site is safe and clear of spillage and debris. As an experienced Dallas heavy towing company, CTR Towing Services employed a Bobcat and a sweeper for thorough site cleanup.

The Dallas heavy towing company team of four completed this Dallas heavy towing task within just 3 hours of dispatch. 

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At CTR Towing Service, immediate and efficient response is a priority. When you call, a member of our in-house dispatch team answers, sparing you the hassle of complicated phone menus or voicemail. Upon arrival, the heavy towing company team conducts a thorough assessment, offering a clear logistical breakdown. We keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring open communication and a comprehensive explanation of the towing process so you’re never left in the dark. CTR is your incident management specialist, whether you need a light tow for a car or a heavy-duty tow truck for large vehicles or equipment transport.

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