Dallas Heavy Duty Recovery: Tight Spots, No Sweat 

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Taking an Unexpected Turn 

One busy morning, we received a call that set us in motion immediately. A tractor-trailer, carrying a load of 20,000 lb of standard groceries, made a too-tight turn. Unfortunately, it caught a bridge support on the Dallas North Tollway Service Road at Wycliff Avenue. The impact caused the trailer to lean precariously, posing a significant risk. The situation called for a Dallas heavy duty recovery mission. We immediately dispatched to complete this heavy towing job.

Ahead of the Curve: Arriving on Scene

We arrived on the scene before law enforcement. Our operator, fully prepared and equipped with our 50-ton rotator, was ready to tackle the challenge head-on. Our primary goal was to safely recover the trailer and its precious cargo of groceries, ensuring minimal disruption to the morning traffic flow and minimal damage to the goods. 

The Recovery: A Turn for the Better

With just one of our skilled employees on the job, we impressively managed to complete the recovery of the tractor-trailer in under 45 minutes from receiving the initial call. Post-recovery, the tractor-trailer was back on its journey, ensuring the timely delivery of its cargo of groceries. Indeed, it would have been unfortunate if anyone had to start their day without breakfast essentials due to this incident!

From Leaning to Leaving: Dallas Heavy Duty Recovery of a Tractor Trailer

When called to a Dallas heavy-duty recovery, usually every second counts. Especially in busy areas like Dallas, TX. Our Dallas heavy-duty recovery operation was no exception. A tractor-trailer loaded with 20,000 lbs of groceries took a too-sharp turn. The truck collided with a bridge support on the Dallas North Tollway Service Road at Wycliff Avenue. This collision left the trailer dangerously tilted, creating a substantial hazard.

Quick and Efficient Incident Response

Our response to the incident was swift, thanks to our readiness and the strategic use of our 50-ton rotator. This equipment is particularly suited for Dallas heavy-duty recovery operations, allowing us to handle substantial weights and complex situations with precision.

Dallas Heavy Duty Recovery: No Job Too Big

Handling a 20,000-lb tractor-trailer is no small feat, especially when it involves a precarious situation like leaning against a bridge support. Only one operator set the record (aka the tractor-trailer) straight. 

Safety and Precision

Our primary concern during any Dallas heavy-duty recovery operation is safety – for our team, the public, and the cargo we’re recovering. Completing this job in under 45 minutes, without the involvement of law enforcement or the fire department, showed that we take this stuff seriously. Our operators will always balance maintaining safety and minimizing disruption on the road.

Dallas heavy duty recovery

CTR Saves the Day in Dallas

You can count on our expertise in Dallas heavy-duty recovery. Whether it’s a tractor-trailer leaning against bridge support or any other Dallas heavy-duty recovery challenge, we’re prepared to respond quickly and effectively. Our recent operation on the Dallas North Tollway is just one example of our ability to manage complex recoveries with precision and efficiency. When it comes to Dallas heavy-duty recovery, CTR is the company you can count on to get the job done right.